Each year we try and offer up a quality clothing package for the team. Senior team members choose the designs for the team from Rudis ( )   Rudis is a Wrestling centered clothing company and they work well with schools and their product is very nice. 

 The following PKG. is available for all Mentor wrestlers k-12. The price is 137.99. Coach LaManna will collect order forms with cash or checks made out to Mentor Cardinal Pin Club on Tuesday and Thursday nights at open mats from 6-7:30 until Oct. 1st. We will not take orders after Oct.1st.


1. Print out order form

2. Fill out the name, number and email portion on the bottom of form. Please add parent name and your wrestlers name and grade to the form as well.

3. Use a marker or highlighter and mark the correct size for each of your items on the order form.

4. Return order forms to Coach LaManna by Thursday Oct.1 2018