Each year we try and offer up a quality clothing package for the team. Senior team members choose the designs for the team from Rudis ( )   Rudis is a Wrestling centered clothing company and they work well with schools and their product is very nice. Below are examples of the items and packages the are being offered out this year for the team. 

General team fundraising will be used to pay for the cost of each team members pkg. Wrestlers who do not fundraise do not recieve the clothing. Our current fundraiser has a goal of $200.00 raised per team member. This will pay for their Rudis package and also other team equipement and expenses. The fundraiser will be introduced to parents at the mandatory parent meeting on Nov. 2nd. Most team members not in a fall sport have already received this info. and have the materials to begin fundraising. For none fall athletes fundraising money is due by Nov.17. Fall sport athletes have additional time and will be discussed with them when they can be part of the team.


Using the attcahments below print the pkg form that you want.

1. Print out order form(s)

2. Fill out the name and number (no email needed) in the right hand corner.

3. Use a marker or highlighter and mark the correct size for each of your items on the order form.

4. Return order forms to Coach LaManna by Friday Nov. 17 (Order will be placed on Saturday the 18th)