Team Guidelines


“Don’t worry about genius and don’t worry about not being clever. Trust rather to hard work, perseverance and determination. The best motto for a long march is ‘Don’t grumble. Plug on.”

-Sir Frederick Treves


- Wrestlers are expected to attend all scheduled practices and meets.

- Any time a wrestler is going to be absent a “parent” must send Coach LaManna an email that day. Emails should be sent to the day of or prior to the absence or the wrestler will be considered unexcused from practice. 

- When a wrestler has 3 unexcused absences coaches will decide if they should be cut from the team

- Vacations must be submitted in writing (email) 2 weeks before the wrestler is going to be missing. If the vacation is not reported to the coaches prior to this time period that wrestler may be suspended from competition the week of their return.

*JV wrestlers will be released from the team after the Sectional tournament is wrestled. 

- Should Mentor host the district wrestling tournament all JV wrestlers would be required to help out both days of the event


Team Rules:

  1. Any form of Hate, Bullying, Fighting, Stealing, Alcohol, Drugs or Academic issues will be dealt with according to the MHS student-athlete /parent handbook Guidelines.
  2. All wrestlers are under the attendance policy as outlined in the Wrestling Guidelines hand book
  3. Be Prompt to all practices and meets
  4. Conduct yourselves as Gentlemen and Ladies on and off the mat.
  5. When you wrestle for MHS you will wrestle hard, you will wrestle tough and you will wrestle with class. Strive to be a leader and set an example for those who need someone to follow.

What Coaches Expect From Wrestlers At Mentor High:

  1. Work at getting the best education you can
  2. Try to give 100% and hustle at all times
  3. Be prompt for all practices and meetings
  4. Prepare and wrestle your best in every match
  5. Practice to the best of your ability and strive to improve yourself everyday
  6. Respect your teammates
  7. Be totally honest with yourself, your coaches and in all areas of your life
  8. Have loyalty to your coaches, team, school, friends and family
  9. Give praise and encouragement to your teammates
  10. Be a winner = Being a worker, Doer, a Leader

Practice Guidelines:

  • The Mentor wrestling room will be a closed practice room during the season. We will not allow spectators in the room during practice time. 
  • Wrestlers are expected to attend daily practice and missed practices may result in being held out of weekly competitions and meets. Consequences for missed practices will be determined by the coaching staff.
  • Wrestlers must wear proper attire to practice. Plastics and Sauna suits are not allowed.
  • Coaches have the right to dismiss wrestlers from practice who are not participating in any manner that coaches feel is productive to the success of that wrestler or the team. If a wrestler is asked to leave we will email the parent after practice as to what the cause for dismissal was. We will not discuss this issue at the current practice in which the decision was made.
  • No cell phones at practice. They will need to be left in lockers.

Tournament and Dual Meet Guidelines:

  • All varsity wrestlers are to sit with the team on the bench during the duration of the meet. With respect to listening to music if wrestlers are playing on phones during the match phones will be removed until after the meet. 
  • Wrestlers are to be attentive to the team during the meet that includes sitting with the Mentor side during the match.
  • All Wrestlers, even those not participating in the meet, need to attend home matches and if possible travel to away matches.
  • If there are wrestlers competing in the placement matches at a tournament the team will be required to stay. When our last wrestler has finished parents who ask permission can leave with their child.
  • Without a note from a parent/guardian a wrestler will not be permitted to leave with someone who is not their parent, this includes stat girls.
  • Wrestlers are not to eat on the bench during dual meets

Wrestle Offs:


Wrestle offs are not mandatory! They are only for wrestlers who are wanting to try for a varsity spot in the lineup each week.

Wrestle offs will be conducted every Monday starting the week before the first Varsity competition and ending the last week of January or for the the first competition in February. 

Wrestlers signup for wrestle offs by texting or emailing Coach LaManna their intended weight class for wrestle offs by Sunday night the night before the Monday wrestle offs. This must be done EVERY Sunday if wrestlers want to wrestle off. Signing up one time doesn’t mean you have signed up to wrestle off all season. The current starter does not have to sign up only challengers. 

If more than 1 wrestle off per weight is needed to decide a starter the next day(s) will be used to wrestle the previous days winners until the starter is determined.


  • If you are a varsity wrestler and you have won every wrestle off during the wrestle off time period at the same weight class you will be the starter for the Sectional Wrestling Tournament.


  • If you have not won every wrestle off at the same weight class since the beginning of the wrestle off period the coaches will decide if further wrestle offs need to continue up until the week of the Sectional Wrestling Tournament
  • Wrestlers must be with in 7lbs. of the weight class they are wrestling off for at the wrestle off weigh in at the start of Mondays practice. Within 5lbs. after 12/25.


  • Skin condition, injury and illness can affect a wrestle off and the coach has every right to move that wrestle off to another day during the week prior to the meet.
  • If a skin condition presents itself after the wrestle off during the week the wrestler must get a signed doctors note saying they are cleared in order to participate in that weekends meet. If this does not happen the loser of the wrestle off will take the spot.
  • All wrestlers who are not wrestling varsity are considered JV wrestlers. JV wrestlers are expected to attend all JV events. All JV wrestlers will be added to lineups for every JV event - there is no hierarchy on JV.
  • If a wrestler misses any # of practices during the week prior to a meet the coaching staff will decide whether or not the wrestler will be allowed to compete.
  • *Due to certification results a wrestler may only be allowed to move down weight classes over a period of weeks. Wrestlers who plan on wrestling at lower weight classes will need to state their intentions to the coaches after certification and participate at wrestle offs in those weight classes to prove that they are the starter even though they may not be allowed to start at this weight early in the season.
  • There are unique situations that arise that may not be covered under any of the previous guidelines for wrestle offs. If there is a situation that requires discussion then coaching staff will decide on a solution and implement it. If any loop holes are found then the coaches will decide how it is fixed.


*There are times when lineups will be adjusted due to the strategy of trying to win dual meets.  This is a right reserved for the coaches to do so and will not be discussed with parents!


All contents of the Mentor “Wrestling Team Guidelines” have been reviewed and decided on by the high school coaching staff. All coaches agree to these rules and support them. Parents and Wrestlers must also review them and agree to them by signing the guidelines sign off sheet. The coaching staff will make updates or changes to the team guidelines when necessary. The coaching staff will discuss and work together to resolve all wrestler and team issues that arise. 


Head Coach Ray LaManna

Asst. Coach A.J. Carl     Asst. Coach Joe Hernan

Asst. Coach Jordan Victor     Asst. Coach Nick Alcantar

Asst. Coach Rusty Nelson        


What wrestlers can expect from Coaches at Mentor High School:

  1. Honesty in all areas
  2. To provide leadership and training necessary to achieve our team goals
  3. To create a practice structure and schedule quality competitions in order to build success
  4. To help you see beyond your current level and get you working at your potential
  5. To help you mature and grow as a young man
  6. To assist wrestlers now and after graduation in any way we can
  7. To help you reach your goals
  8. To treat you as a man or lady if you are deserving of such treatment
  9. To use our unique strengths as individual coaches to help develop your individual style
  10. To never allow mediocrity, excuses, lack of effort, bad attitudes, and drama from disrupting the wrestling room environment and impeding the growth of those who are there to obtain greatness!!