2020 Gear PKG.

Here is the link for the 2020 Gear pkg.:


High School wrestlers have 2 ways to be fully or partially reimbursed for the purchase of one pkg.

- Reimbursement will not take place prior to the purchase or at time of intitial online purchase.

- You must pay full pkg. price when ordering from the online store.

- Reimbursement checks will be written in January


*Misc. items ordered in addition to any of the pkgs. will not be reimbursed.


Reimbursement #1

If you purchase any of the 3 gear pkg. choices the Pin Club will reimburse you $30.00 for the red singlet contained in the pkg. After confirmation from the clothing company of your purchase we will write you a check in January. We assume your wrestler will complete the season and this sinlget is a gift to the kids for doing so. However, if you wrestler does not complete the season the singlet will need to be returned to the team or you will be charged the 30.00 for the cost of the singlet. Wrestlers who do not purchase a pkg will be lent a singlet to use during meets.


Reimbursement #2

If your wrestler brings in any # of team sponsorships totaling $200.00 or more the Pin Club will reimburse you up to 95.00 of the purchase price. Based on which Pkg. you ordered reimbursement will be as follows:

PKG Cost     / after $30 singlet reimbursement     / after $95 sponsorship reimbursement

$175           / $145                                                  / $50

$125           / $95                                                   / $0

$85            / $85                                                   / $0